Andrew began writing fiction and poetry before attending Melbourne University to study the disciplines of academic writing, majoring in philosophy, literature and critical theory with honours.  He travelled the world before joining The Age as a journalist.  He left the paper to study design and manage a publishing and design business. He continues to design new media and to write for newspapers,  magazines and websites.


He has over 20 years experience as a professional  writer and has writing skills learned across several disciplines.   


Publications include arts and literary magazines, design magazines, sports and travel magazines and daily newspapers in every state of Australia.


He has exhibited photography in exhibitions, and published a wide range of travel journalism and photography. He writes regularly for The Age newspaper in Melbourne working in the fields of art, design, travel, health, sexuality, cultural and political issues and general news.


As a travel writer he has published articles and photography nationally and internationally.  He writes creative content, short pithy prose and feature articles. 


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