Media design is about the inspired meeting of medium, message and audience. Content and form.


Too much media design, however, is driven by marketing. It sells a product or service but doesn't engage readers or watchers. It's empty media. And is valued more by advertisers than readers because advertisers are fooled by glossy finishes.


Andrew has designed football cards for the AFL, vinyl adhesive posters to carry art on public transport, a winery brochure valued as an educational guide to wine, a tourist map of the best destinations in a region and a graphic tide chart that hangs in coastal holiday homes and runs on newspaper and website weather pages around Australia. These media all carry content that people wanted to read, buy and keep.


Content will find a great new medium much like function will find great form, if the producer is open to possibilities.  The audience is often the key.


Working with craftspeople, Andrew has also designed clothing, furniture, kitchen and sports equipment.


Media design and product design are united by the solution that leads to a new form, albeit a form that engages with and improves upon past forms.  Media is a product but products also have stories.


In a world overloaded by media, messages and objects, Andrew aims to design things that evince a powerful simplicity and dissolve the need for other products or objects. He is influenced by the way evolutionary processes in nature simplify as they strengthen forms.  He likes Da Vinci's definition of inventors as "interpreters between nature and man".


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