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Winery brochure for Hickinbotham of Dromana

The project was to design a brochure for a winery that people would keep.  Three generations of the Hickinbotham family have been devoted to innovation and education in winemaking. The solution was an entertaining and concise education in wine in 12 DL pages that introduced wine lovers to the principles of wine tasting, varietal knowledge and food and wine combining.

From "Elements of Taste or The art of quaffing":

"The Air"

Cold reduces or tightens flavour (like it does body parts) so a short spell in the fridge can improve heavy reds. Pinot Noir and Beaujoulais can also be cooled. Reds and strong smelling whites both benefit from aeration. Older reds need to breathe to open up the intricate aromas. If you can't wait two hours without a cork, decant the wine. Pinot Noir and young reds can, however, taste better without aeration."


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